Maly Zlatoustinskiy 2, 4-th floor, Moscow, Russia 101000
Tel: +7 495 628 6695, +7 495 624 5978

How to reach us

We are located at Metro Station Kitai Gorod, which is in the very centre of Moscow, on the Orange and Purple line. When you exit the train, stand on the platform between the trains, and look for the sign that says Maroseika Street (in Russian Letters it is spelt Маросейка Ул. ). The sign is in the middle of the platform hanging from the ceiling and is quite small. Follow this sign in the direction it indicates along the platform. You will then climb one flight of stairs and take the escalator. At the top of the escalators walk through the glass doors and turn RIGHT, here you will enter into an underground passage with many different small shops. Walk all the way to the end of the passage and take the stairs to your LEFT. Now you will be above ground. Walk forward from the stairs 100 meters up Maroseika Street on the left hand side. Walk past the Old Orange Orthodox Church and take the first left street where you see a perfume shop with a huge plasma tv on it, this street is called Bolshoi Zlatoustinskiy Street. Walk down this street for 20 meters, then take the next right turning called Maly Zlatoustinskiy Street. There should be a busy Russian restaurant here called Pirogi. Walk for 60 meters down this street and you will see our sign outside Dom 2 (House 2.) Enter the stairs and we are on the 4th Floor. The total walk from the metro is 2 minutes. The door entry code is 8 key 8 8 8 0. (NB it is very important to find the Marosieka Маросейка Sign on the platform. If you take another exit from Kitai Gorod Station you will have to walk up the hill to the correct exit).