Guide to inner Moscow. Here is a brief guide to some of Moscow's best attractions.

Red Square, St Basil's Cathedral and Lenin's Mausoleum

Stroll though the famous Red Square, admire the beautiful coloured domes of St Basil's Cathedral and say hello to embalmed Lenin. Nothing says 'Russia' quite like Red Square.

The Kremlin

Next to Red Square is the Kremlin, the Political Power house of Russia containing ministerial building, golden domed churches, and 'The Armoury' displaying Russia's rich historical treasures..

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Originally build between 1839-83 to commemorate Russia's victory over Napoleon, the Cathedral was destroyed by Stalin, later rebuild, turned into a swimming pool, and in 1997 opulently restored..

St Peter the Great's Monument

At 94.5m high (twice the height of the Statue of Liberty), St Peter the Great's statue stands magnificently in the Moscow river and is viewable from all over Moscow..

Pushkin Museum

Moscow 's premier foreign art museum is famous for its impressionist and post-impressionist paintings, European and renaissance works, including Gaudi, Monet, Van Gaugh, Degas, Picasso, Renoir and more..

State History Museum

The State History museum houses an enormous collection covering the whole Russian empire from the Stone Age until today..

Gorky Park

A great place to escape the noise of the city, Gorky Park contains peaceful lakes, beer halls and even a Russian style amusement park complete with roller coasters and other rides..

Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery houses Russia's best collection of religious icons and religious paintings and also an outstanding display of Russian pre-revolutionary art..

Bolshoi Theatre and other Theatres

Moscow is awash with culture, from ballet to opera, classical concerts to live bands. The ballet is especially good value by western standards, and Napoleon Hostel can book any tickets for you..

Moscow Circus

Russians love to take risks and no where is this more evident than at the Moscow Circus. Watch amazing acrobats, death defying lion tamers, contortionists and more. A fun and cheap night out in Moscow..

VDNK and Ostankino Palace

Originally build as the all Russian Exhibition centre to show case Soviet Union prowess at manufacturing, science and technology, VDNK is now an opulent 2km long pedestrian boulevard of grandiose pavilions and impressive statues..

Soviet Cosmonaut Museum

See the 'space race' from the Russian perspective, an impressive museum housing memorabilia, space-shuttles and suits from the Soviet Space Programme. A must for any space fan!.

Izmaylovsky Park and the Russian Vodka Museum

Izmaylovsky Park has at its centre a large lake and ethnic market selling goods from all over Russia and the former ex-Soviet Republics. Also located here is the Russian vodka museum - an insight into the country's most famous drink..

Tverskaya and Pushkin Square

Moscows oldest and most famous street is home to numerous shops, bars and restaurants that link Red Square to Pushkinskaya..

Arbat walking street

An attractive pedestrian street, Arbat provides an interesting walk past old pastel coloured merchant houses and tourist orientated shops and cafes..

Chistye Prudy

Just a five minute walk from Napoleon hostel, Chistye Prudy (meaning clean ponds), is a small park with ponds, ideal for relaxing in one of the cafes over looking the ponds. In summer there are outdoor photographic exhibitions from around the world..

Victory Park and the Museum of the Great Patriotic War (WW2)

A huge memorial complex celebrating the end of the Great Patriotic war, the park includes endless fountains, a mosque, synagogue and church, and the Museum detailing the heroes of the Soviet Union..

Moscow River Cruise

Tired of walking? See Moscow from a different viewpoint - by river. Boats run every 20 minutes in both directions and leave from Kievskaya or Proletarskaya Metro stations..

Donskoy Monastery

Founded in 1591, Donskoy Monastery contains a collection of Orthodox churches and is the current headquarters of the Russian Orthodox Church..


The Moscow nightlife is pretty wild, with literally hundreds of bars, clubs, and other venues that cater well for almost every taste. Napoleon hostel staff will be happy to advise you on what's currently hot, and what's not..

Banya - Sanunovskie Banya

Russian Banyas (baths) are a great way to relax, sweating it out in the sauna, jumping into the cold plunge pool, and flogging each other with birch tree branches - or a massage if you prefer. There are many choices in Moscow, from small private hire venues to colossal architecturally stunning public banyas..

Guide to the Moscow Region

Sergiev Posad

60Km from Moscow, Sergiev Posad is an excellent day trip to see the Trinity Monastery of St Sergius..

Suzdal and 'The Golden Ring' Towns

See picturesque churches, monasteries and Kremlins in the 'Golden Ring' Towns which preceded Moscow as the current capital..

Pushkin Monument

The monument was erected in honour of the famous
Russian author and poet Alexander Pushkin in 1880.